Wonderland Farm starts unbroken horses under saddle as well as retraining horses that were started incorrectly or have behavior problems.


Karen’s background in breaking, training, and starting young horses includes over twenty years of experience. Throughout the year she breaks and trains numerous horses and ponies of her own. With consistency and patience, she has been able to restart several problem horses that their owners had given up on because of behavioral problems. Her pet project is retraining off the track thoroughbreds and giving them a successful new career as hunters.


One of Karen’s specialties is starting young horses. At the same time she was pursuing her degree in Equine Studies from Virginia Intermont College, she was already putting her skills to work in the ‘real world’, at Mapleside Farm in Pennsylvania. She was solely responsible for starting the many unbroken two year old thoroughbreds and warmbloods on the farm, as well as advancing the training on the older green broke horses. In the ensuing years, Karen has compiled a long list of successes.


Please give her a call to see how she can put her experience and talents to work for you.


At 3 years old, Arlo is ready to begin his under-saddle career.  This Alpine offspring will be started slowly and correctly this fall.



Our second Alpine colt, Lewis promises to have a great brain.  He is coming on 2 years old, and is continuing his halter training.



Our most recent Alpine offspring, Poppy brought a lot of color into our herd!  She is very polite so far, and will continue her halter training as she grows.