Wonderland Farm Testimonial:

Karen provided a wonderful riding experience for our daughter. She learned a great deal. There were plenty of other activities that were also fun. I highly recommend this camp for beginners and intermediates. 

-Parent of Camper at Wonderland Farm


Mackenzie was wonderful with my Grandchildren she spent a long time with them and had such patience. The kids had a ball and would like to go to the Camp during the summer. We will look into that. Thank you! We ALL enjoyed a nice day at Karen's Wonderland Farm!

-Customer from Living Social


This was a great experience for my two grandsons, 7 & 9. We parents and grandma went along to see the boys treated very nicely. She had the boys go to bring their horses from pasture, brush and saddle them before walking their horses to the ring for mounting. After a full time of learning riding, the boys led their horses for unsaddling and washing down. This added time was to help the boys understand horses and their treatment. It was a generous gift of time to add this to the riding experience. I completely recommend Wonderland Farm for these reasons and because it is a welcoming, clean, caring stable to discover.

-Customer from Living Social


As a HA pony clubber and picky horse person, I highly recommend this stable. Karen was kind enough to let me stay at her farm for a month while I completed an internship at the nearby hospital. I contacted her mere days before my planned arrival and she was able to accommodate my horse. This says a lot for her hospitality during my tight predicament. The facilities are excellent - especially for the cost. One large, well-lit ring with show quality fences as well as one large grass arena with jumps and 106 acres to ride on. The care is great (scheduled feedings, blanketing, hay, etc). Beyond everyday care, my mare had a bout of gas colic (something she is prone to) and Karen, along with her barn staff, were very helpful providing banamine and keeping an eye on her. I never once worried about my horse during our entire stay - I always knew she was being looked-after. Coming from an area rich with grass, the grass here on the coast leaves you wanting. The sandy soil makes it difficult to keep grass growing, but the farm is constantly improving itself. They already have more grass than most I’ve seen and while I was there they were re-seeding pastures. I truly have no complaints and I would highly recommend Wonderland Farm to anyone who is looking for excellent care and facilities.

-Boarder at Wonderland Farm


My daughter and I have been part of the Wonderland family for several years now. I have visited many barns in NC, SC, GA, and VA and I am always amazed they are not as nice as Wonderland. The facilities are great, the ring and jumps top any in the area. The lighted ring is great for evening riding in the summer when it is cooler. We ride 52 weeks a year and enjoy good footing, great lessons/training and access to 100+ acres of riding trails. We even ride in the pond occasionally. There are regular social events as well as a horse show team that shows locally and regionally. It is good exposure and experience for any level of rider. Karen, the owner, is exceptional at training young horses and re-training problem horses. She does a fair amount of training and horse sales annually to supplement lessons and boarding revenue. The lesson program is aggressive and not based on "pony rides". Many young riders just want to walk around on ponies and are intimidated when the trainer pushes them to learn riding skills that will enable them to be independent riders. If a child wants to learn skills, participate in shows and treat riding as the sport it is and not a petting zoo hobby, you can't find a better place. Karen does not baby-sit the riders, she teaches them. We own our pony and I feel the care is excellent, professional and appropriate. I never worry about inadequate food, hay, turnout, exercise or riding opportunity. I know some local barns get so muddy when it rains that you cannot ride. Or they have shortages of hay or shavings. While their shortages may be temporary, it makes you second guess. I value the professional horse knowledge of equine management and care that Karen provides. I think the farrier is great. My pony has scheduled wormings, vet care and the barn even had a fly management program last summer that made a tremendous difference. I frequently check on the rates of the show barns and trainers of the NCHJA rated circuit and find the Wonderland Farm prices to be competitive and often less than peers of equal capacity in the Hunter Jumper industry. We look forward to the 6 on-site horse shows annually and the opportunity to compete regionally in rated shows. Live to ride, ride to live!

-Boarder at Wonderland Farm


As a 46 y/o professional businesswoman newly returned to riding last November after a 35 year absence, I have had the experience of riding with Karen on their own horses and now on one soon to be my own. Yes, she is a more demanding instructor.  No, there will be no molly-coddling or acceptance of slovenly behavior or mistreatment of horses - hers or yours - including poor grooming.  However, since I am taking lessons to improve my riding and horsemanship skills, I appreciate being pushed but never pushed beyond the realms of my limits or safety.  Karen has been there for thousands of questions and discussions as I've learned not only to ride but about horses and showing and horse stewardship.  I've watched her deal with our adult "ladies night", patiently and professionally handling a group of varying levels week after week, never losing her temper.   Living in Wrightsville Beach and Bald Head Island, I researched a three-county area for barns before I started riding and found Wonderland to have the greatest selection of mounts, from beginner to advanced, with Karen knowledgeable enough to make a good match.  This past spring I was "in love" with a horse that Karen had for sale.  Ready with cash on the table.  Karen did not feel that I was ready for that horse nor that we would be a good match in the long run.  I continued to ride a variety of horses and ponies at the barn until finding one that is a good match for me now and a horse that will grow with me.  I began leasing and am now in the process of purchasing.  At no time did I feel pressure to do either.  The arrangements regarding leasing and boarding have been straightforward and known to me since I began riding last year - long before I did either.  The billing is straightforward.  Karen's only fault in running a business in my mind is that they treat everyone like a trusted friend and not like a means to an end or profit ... and is that really a fault?  I have referred several adult, youth, and small children to the farm for instruction.  Everyone from a junior Olympic rider who 30 years ago had a traumatic accident and is just feeling comfortable being back on a horse to an older rider who just wants to occasionally trail ride to a 30 y/o who stopped her youthful riding after college but is enjoying getting back into it to my young niece who is progressing nicely with only one lesson a week.  While riding over the past year, I have met many astute men and women who entrust themselves, their children, and their horses to Wonderland.  We are neither stupid nor blind.  And what we all have seen is a quality operation by a couple who care about their clientele, their employees, their horses, and their land.  

-Student at Wonderland Farm

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